Ask the BBC and the Government to save free TV Licences for Over-75s

A man standing outside the BBC offices holding a sign which reads "Save free TV licences." He looks determined.

We can still save free TV Licences for over 75s

On 1st August, about 4 million older people will be forced to start paying for their TV Licence.

This is another kick in the teeth for older people during a terrible year when so many have been battling loneliness, bereavement and the fear created by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment thousands of older people are terrified they will lose their window on the world, at a time when TV has become more important to all of us. 

The BBC and the Government must urgently sit down and find a solution that allows the free licence to continue.

Will you ask them to act before it's too late?

Time's running out to save free TV Licences
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